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People have changed the way they consume content. The power is with the audience – we choose what we watch, when we watch it, and can tune you out with a swipe of the finger.

Until recently, television commercials have been arguably the most powerful way to reach and influence the masses. In recent years this power has largely shifted away from traditional television commercials, and veered towards digital videos, shareable via social networks.

At LACED Agency, we partner with innovative thinkers to reach this new generation of people.

Award Winning Visuals

Storytelling that resonates - from digital and promotional spots, to corporate videos, to how to’s, edutainment spots, live video events, & media spots - we deliver them all!

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Digital & Promotional Spots

Today’s Modern Commercial

Digital & Promotional Spots are the perfect vehicle for enticing new customers & growing your business further.

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Corporate Videos

The Human Side of Your Organization

Give your organization a face - tell your organization’s story in a compelling way that highlights your team, your services & products, your customers, your mission, and most importantly your core-value offering.

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How-To Videos

Step-By-Step Visual/Audio Reference Guides

A How-To Video is perfect for encouraging new product use among current customers and new ones. How-To Videos also are a great visual/audio resource tool for answering, referencing, guiding users on how to get the most out of your product for their specific needs. Add to that, How-To Videos also help reduce investment into costly Customer Service Centers during product roll-outs by answering a large percentage of audience questions.

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Edutainment Videos

Video that Sells Itself

Have a new product you need to take to market? Edutainment videos provide a fun & delightful way to capture the attention of your audience while simultaneously educating them about your product or service. Your sales team will thank you when you launch a slew of Edutainment Videos...warming up a massive group of new leads!

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Media Spots

Advertising Campaigns

Did you know using video in your advertising campaigns can exponentially increase your click-through rates? Media Spots are incredibly impactful in advertising your service or product to your desired target audience - whether it’s on social media, on media networks, on TV, billboards, outdoor advertising, in-store interfaces, sponsored sites, and more - video compels click-through rates.

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Live Video Coverage

Special Events & Tradeshows

Have an event you wish you could share with customers who are unable to attend? Let our team shoot your event, and then provide promotional videos to boost future attendance - highlighting the unique selling points of your specific event!

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"Concept & Experimental Spots"

The X Factor

Maybe you have an idea for something that’s never been done before - we love those! Our talented team can create & bring your vision to life in an exciting and compelling video using the latest in technology - from Augmented Reality to VR and more!

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You're In Good Hands


Yup, we have one an award or two for various client videos...and chances are your video may be award-winning too! That’s because you can be sure our talented team will always bring their best to your video project, every time.

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A great video that gets results & has a long-shelf life is truly priceless. Lucky for you, we offer competitive rates.

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