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The Challenge

Jamba Juice wanted to begin expanding their core juice business into wraps and more select healthy food choices while also attracting a larger youth market. Additionally, they needed to drive more foot traffic into key performing markets (CA, NY, and DC Stores) during higher peak periods – like the holidays, school spring breaks, and overall summer months.

The Solution

LACED Agency designed a series of media campaigns using various direct response marketing tactics from coupons, to sweepstakes, to limited availability offers – all to drive additional foot traffic into key Jamba Juice markets (CA, NY, and DC Stores). LACED implemented (7) seven different media campaigns over the course of a (2) two year period. Using both rich media and basic display banners, targeting the local radius for our pilot markets and key timeframes to optimally attract the youth audience and families – the campaigns encouraged customers to click through to a landing page to redeem various incentives (coupons) and locate their nearest store.

Additionally once customers entered the store, an incentive program was put in place for returning customers to gain points for free smoothies in exchange for customer feedback to better determine ideal flavors for future promos. One of the most successful Fall flavors ever – “Pumpkin Smash” was born from this customer feedback incentive program!


Capturing the flavor of Jamba Juice and working in brand consistency look/feel/style allowed us to design colorful eye catching art. The fresh color palette allowed us to convey the style Jamba Juice was looking for. We thoughtfully took into consideration the different fruits capturing the; energy, vitality, and smoothness of the Jamba Juice brand.


"LACED did a great job meeting the crazy deadlines. You guys have been awesome!"
— Nikki
Marketing Manager


Not only did foot traffic in Jamba Juice’s key markets increase by 43% during peak periods they were targeting, but they gathered valuable customer feedback and increased their social media presence with the branded promotions exponentially. Most importantly though, Jamba Juice saw an 18% – 23% lift in sales during the promotional periods on nearly every campaign with the exception of the Pumpkin Smash Campaign which saw nearly 30%+ increase in sales. Since it’s initial launch, the “Pumpkin Smash” Campaign remains one of the most successful promotional initiatives for Jamba Juice for their holiday push and is a customer favorite.


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